Andy Bechdolt

Andy Bechdolt, of the Willamette Pass Ski Patrol, is the Region Director for Oregon.

Shelley Urben

Shelley Urben, of Santiam Pass Ski Patrol, is the Assistant Region Director for Oregon.

Home of The Oregon Region

The Oregon Region of the Pacific Northwest Division of the National Ski Patrol consists of six volunteer ski patrols in Oregon, including Mt Ashland, Mt Bachelor, Santiam Pass, Warner Canyon, Willamette Backcountry, and Willamette Pass. The Oregon Region coordinates training activities between the six member patrols and promotes outdoor recreation, safety, and public awareness of safe practices in winter and summer outdoor activities in Oregon.

Patrols and patrollers in the Oregon Region have been nationally recognized for exceptional performance. Recent awards include National Outstanding Auxiliary Patroller, National Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol, and National Outstanding Nordic Patroller.

For more information about joining NSP, contact one of the local patrols or the Oregon Region Director Andy Bechdolt.

Due to the current situation in our Region and the rest of the world, all Region sponsored activities have been suspended. We are constantly evaluating the conditions and will keep the membership updated. These are uncertain times and we'll ask that you all be patient. Please practice common sense to prevent the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. Handwashing, social distancing, stay home if you are sick - even if it isn't the COVID-19 virus, clan and sanitize surfaces. Please keep yourselves well, the skiing public is counting on you for next season. If you have questions about the COVID-19 virus, please visit the CDC's website at: CDC Website

You may have heard that Willamette Pass is still in operation. This is true; we are still skiing (we are the only are in the Region that is). However, the patrol and management have taken steps to ensure that patrollers and guests experiences are as safe as they can be. Should you have questions about the Oregon Region, please contact me, I'll do my best to answer any questions that you might have. While we are all suggesting social distancing, that doesn't mean you can't go outside. In fact, it's probably a good idea to get out and breathe fresh air and get away from the constant media stream about the situation for a while. Your mental health is just as important is physical health. Andy Bechdolt Oregon Region Director

Life of a Patroller

Life of a Patroller from Epic Mountain Productions on Vimeo.