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Senior S&T Page

Laurie Coventry

Senior OEC Chairperson
Senior OEC Training Coordinator (STC)

Laurie Coventry
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Information for Senior Program Candidates


NSP members may enroll in the senior program at any time after advancing beyond candidate status and after obtaining their NSP patrol representation’s recommendation. There is no minimum age or experience requirement. Eligibility for senior program is based on NSP member classification.

Senior candidates completing elective courses or participating in instructor trainer courses must provide proof of participation through a certificate of completion or a current instructor authorization certificate. Proof of completion also appears on the membership card and the member’s personal page on the NSP website.

A senior candidate need only complete the senior OEC component one time. In other words, a candidate who completes the SrEOC core component but does not complete the skiing or toboggan handling need not repeat the SrEOC component in the next effort to achieve senior certification.

Program Goals:

Approved program goals for all senior program classifications are listed in The Ski Patroller’s Manual, 14th edition.

Core Components

  1. The senior OEC component consists of field-relevant exercises to develop skills in the objectives of decision making, problem management, and leadership. Three options are available for the evaluation process and can be referenced in The Ski Patroller’s Manual, 14th edition, Chapter 18.
  2. The senior alpine (skiing/snowboarding) component consists of long-, medium- and short-radius turns, skiing/snowboarding unpacked snow or icy conditions, and equipment carry exercises that require edging, weight transfer, and upper and lower body movements. The objective is to help patrollers become better alpine skiers/snowboarders and toboggan handlers.
  3. The senior alpine toboggan handling component covers mechanics and components of various rescue toboggans as well as the operation of loaded and unloaded toboggans from the front and tail in a variety of snow conditions an more difficult slopes.

Important information regarding out of region testing

  1. Any Senior Candidate who has failed a final evaluation from another Region’s Senior Program can not attend the Wy’east/Oregon Region’s Senior final evaluation.
  2. A Senior Candidate who can not attend the final evaluation of their Region’s Senior Program due to scheduling conflict or another viable reason, may be able to attend the Wy’east/Oregon Region final. Approval will be determined by the disciplines’ coordinators and upon available space.

For more information please download the Senior Program Information Packet.


Oregon Region SROEC Dates and Requirements

Notification of candidates planning on doing SROEC:

Last day to notify the Senior OEC Training Coordinator (STC) (Laurie Coventry) of the number of SROEC candidates and submit the paperwork for them (see below). We are limiting the number to 18 candidates total this year.

STC must have completed an Application to Conduct a SROEC Program Evaluation and return it to the Division OEC Supervisor (my job to have completed).

Candidate Paperwork:

I need to have items 1, 3, and 4 below completed. And you should be working on the other items to prep for the clinic. Also please let me know of your planned training dates and if other areas are welcome to join.

All candidates must complete paperwork as required by the Ski Patrollers Manual:

  1. “Senior Candidate Application,” signed by the patrol director/NSP Rep. (Appendix C in the Senior OEC Manual).
  2. “Completion Log for OEC Basic Skills performance Check-Off,” signed by appropriate NSP Instructors (Appendix C in the Senior OEC Manual). (can bring to the clinic or mail ahead)
  3. A copy of their current, valid OEC Card.
  4. A copy of their current, valid NSP Card.
  5. Written answers to two scenarios from the Ski Patrollers Manual (Appendix G).
  6. One original scenario created by the candidate, level 5/6 in the correct format following the Scenario Scoring Matrix (Appendix C in the Senior OEC Manual).
  7. Pass four documented and scored Senior level scenarios.

Senior OEC Documents

There are two manuals that we refer to for the Senior Outdoor Emergengy Care component:

  1. Senior Outdoor Emergency Care Senior Training Coordinators Guidelines dated 12/9/11 which I refer to as the Senior OEC Manual. This is on the NSP website under OEC — please make sure you and your candidates read it.
  2. Ski Patrollers Manual 14th Edition. I think it is still available to purchase through NSP but they are in the process of making a new edition. You might want to have candidates borrow a manual from someone for now.


Oregon Region Transportation Schedule 2015-2016

Senior Clinic Training Dates

Please email us and let us know what clinics you plan on attending. Getting accurate head count helps us to have the proper amount of equipment for the clinic.

  • Meadows: Joint Oregon/ Wy’East Regions
  • Willamette Pass
  • Hoodoo: Joint Oregon / Wy’East Regions
  • Ashland
  • Senior Finals Willamette Pass (or whichever Mountain has the best snow)

Region, PNWD Divison and National Clinics

  • Hood Womens clinic
  • Hood TES clinic
  • Mt. Ashland APP Mid-Winter education and testing clinic. Flyer
  • Ski Flight
  • Mt. Ashland APP Mid-Winter education and testing clinic. Flyer
  • Bachelor SES and TES
  • Canyons Utah POWDER FALL
  • Washington Advanced Nuts and Bolts
  • Hood Nuts and Bolts

If you have any questions regarding these clinics please contact Cyndy Meno Oregon Region Transportation Advisor or Dan Bolduc Oregon Region Transportation Assistant We are looking forward to a great season.