Outdoor Emergency Care

Larry Davis

OEC Advisor
Larry Davis
5930 River Rd N
Keizer OR 97303
(503) 810-2099

Laurie Coventry

OEC Module of the Senior Program Coordinator
Laurie Coventry
PO Box 94
Shedd, OR 97377
Res: 541-491-1204

OEC Instructor

How to become an OEC Instructor:
  1. Complete the Instructor Development course
  2. Complete an Instructor Application and submit to the Region OEC advisor. Include a suggestion for mentor.
  3. Region Advisor will make a mentor assignment
  4. Region notifies the Division Supervisor that you are in the mentorship program and who was assigned as your mentor
  5. During your Mentorship, you will work with your mentor to hone your teaching skills and master an understanding of program administrative procedures.
  6. When you are ready for a formal evaluation, your mentor notifies the Region Advisor and requests an IT observation and evaluation.
  7. The Region Advisor assigns an IT from another area to observe your teaching.
  8. If you are approved for certification, the IT submits paperwork to the National Office with copies to the Division Supervisor and the Region Advisor.
  9. The Region Advisor notifies your Patrol Director that he/she has a new instructor.
  10. When NSP certifies your instructor status, you will have access to the Instructor materials on the NSP website.
  11. Your OEC Instructor Certification is good for three years, after which time you will be asked to show that you have done the necessary requirements to maintain your Instructor Certification.
How to Maintain your Instructor Certification:

At least once every 3 years you must do the following:

  1. Keep up with your own refreshers
  2. Teach in the OEC class
  3. Teach in the Refresher
  4. Be evaluated during one of your teaching experiences by an IT
  5. Attend a National, Division, or Region Instructor Continuing Education (ICE) Seminar
  6. Keep records of your teaching and continuing education activities in the event that the Region Advisor asks for these records from you
  7. Complete additional OEC instructor courses as required when new information is rolled out for the program.
  8. Keep records of your teaching and continuing education activities. During your recertification year the Region Advisor will request and review this information with you.
  9. In late fall, the Region Advisor sends to the Division Supervisor a recommendation of your recertification (or not) for another 3-year period.
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Instructor Trainer (IT) Information

What Is an IT?

The OEC IT is a vital leadership role ensuring that programs are delivered and meet NSP expectations. The IT must have strong command of the OEC knowledge and skills. The IT must be able to use the skills learned, developed and perfected from the NSP Instructor Development Program to promote the development and evaluation of OEC Instructors. Ensuring continued quality of the OEC program is the main responsibility of the OEC IT.

ITs are appointed by the Region and approved by the Division. Appointments are based on Region need (not the needs of an individual patrol). IT re-appointments are reviewed annually in November by the Region OEC Advisor, and recommendations for re-appointment are sent to Division. The usual goal is one IT to every 10 Instructors, or one IT for every 8 Instructors and 2 Instructor candidates within the Region. An IT appointment is a job, not an award. You will be expected to assist the Region with IT duties, and this may include travel to other ski areas within the Region as needed.

Qualifications for IT Appointment:
  1. Is a current NSP member or Associate.
  2. Is a certified OEC instructor who demonstrates expertise in the areas of teaching techniques and supervising a quality management program.
  3. Displays excellent knowledge and performance competence in all areas of the OEC Program.
  4. Completes all prescribed instructor training and evaluation programs.
  5. Demonstrates effective organization, administration, communication, observation, and evaluation skills.
  6. Possesses strong interpersonal skills.
Qualification for re-appointment:
  • Attend a Division sponsored IT training clinic once every 3 years. These clinics are designed to provide a framework for the OEC IT follow. The clinics cover the function and duties of an IT and will include the following topics:
    • Overview of the OEC Program and history as it relates to EMS
    • OEC job descriptions, policies and procedure manuals
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Management in OEC
    • Motivational methods and strategies
    • Coaching Techniques
    • OEC Mentoring Program
    • Monitoring and evaluation techniques (from Instructor Development)
    • IT involvement in OEC courses, challenges and refreshers
    • Recordkeeping and Paperwork
    • Region specific requirements
  • Participate in observation of Instructors in OEC classes, Refreshers, and of New Candidate Instructors.
  • Mentor new Instructors
What does an OEC IT do?
  • Observes OEC classes to ensure quality control of teaching
  • Observes Refreshers and Instructor Refreshers, monitoring for quality control, and fills out Refresher Observation Form upon completion
  • Monitors course record and financial submissions for timeliness and accuracy
  • Observes potential new instructors, Mentors new Instructors, and completes Lesson Observation Forms.
  • Recommends new Instructor Candidates for approval of Instructor status.
  • Observes Instructor Refresher and fills out IT Observation form, monitoring for Quality control
  • Maintains records of Instructor participation in OEC classes and refreshers
  • Reminds Instructors of annual re-certification requirements
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OEC in Oregon Region

Patrol OEC coordinator OEC IT’s
Mt. Ashland MTA Trainer Alan McCreedy, Kacy Carlson
Mt. Bachelor Ted Stensland Howard Jordan
Laurie Coventry
Kathy Alexander, Anne Greenwood, Jim Trett, Laurie Coventry, Shelley Urben, Jodie Jeffers, Larry Davis
Warner Canyon n/a n/a
Willamette Backcountry Cory Miner  
Willamette Pass Shannon Millington Andy Bechdolt