Oregon Region Awards

for all Outstanding Oregon Region nominations:

Send award nominations to your Oregon Region Awards Advisor:
Anne Greenwood
Anne Greenwood
960 Sunmist Ct SE
Salem, OR 97306-1201

The Oregon Region receipt deadline for Outstanding Awards is Sunday, May 20, 2023


Current forms are available at: www.nsp.org or your Regional Awards Advisor or in the 2021 Policies and Procedures. If you choose to go on-line, here is how to get the forms:

  1. “Sign In” with your member number and password.
  2. On the top navagation bar hover your mouse over Member Resources
  3. Hover your mouse over Forms and Documents
  4. Click on Awards
  5. In the top section of the page will be the different Awards form. Click on the form you wish to download

The Awards forms will be downloaded in Word format.

  • Review the NSP “Policies and Procedures, Chapter 12 & the instructions on the forms.
  • A minimum of 45 days is needed for processing any award upon RECEIPT AT THE NATIONAL OFFICE.
  • Signatures are needed.
  • Nomination letters are limited to no more than two pages.

***** Patroller Cross, Merit Stars; Meritorious Service Awards; Distinguished Service Awards, Leadership Commendation Appointment and National Appointments have no deadline but still require the 45 days minimum for processing upon receipt at the National Office.

*****START EARLY – give yourself plenty of time for review and signature gathering.

OR patrollers recognized

Congratulations to the following patrols and patrollers who received awards at the Pacific Northwest Division (PNWD) conference, Aug. 14, 2021, in Boise, ID.

    Jodie Jeffers
    PNWD Patroller & Safety Supervisor - Division Director's Distinguished Service Award
    Joseph Calbreath
    Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol - Division Outstanding Alumni
    Ian Doremus
    Willamette Pass Ski Patrol - Division Outstanding Alpine Patroller
    Matt Strauser
    Santiam Pass Ski Patrol - Division Outstanding Nordic Patroller
    Doug Volk
    Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol - Division Outstanding Paid Patrol Director
    Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol
    Division Outstanding Nordic Patrol

Outstanding Alpine Patroller


YearNameSki Patrol
2017Joe McCormickSantiam Pass
2014Dan BolducSantiam Pass
2013Greg AitkenWillamette Pass
2011Bob FreundSantiam Pass
2010Jim HutchisonWillamette Pass
2009Joe HarwoodWillamette Pass
2008Jim HutchisonWillamette Pass
2007Steve NorthropWillamette Pass
2006Anne GreenwoodSantiam Pass
2003Bob FreundSantiam Pass
2002Anne GreenwoodSantiam Pass
2001James DagataSantiam Pass
2000Alex BoutacoffMt. Ashland
1999Rich MarisWillamette Pass
1998Sharon StultsWillamette Pass
1997Dave HillsWillamette Pass
1996Robert FreundSantiam Pass
1995John BeeryMt. Bachelor
1994Scott RobbinsWillamette Pass
1993Don KeenanMt. Ashland
1992Don KeenanMt. Ashland
1991Donald BramhallMt. Bachelor
1990Laurie MonicoWillamette Pass

Outstanding Nordic Patroller


yearNameSki Patrol
2013Doug EbelingSantiam Pass
2008Josie EltingWillamette Backcountry
2005Steve OderSantiam Pass
2004Don EltingWillamette Backcountry
2002Joseph CalbreathWillamette Backcountry
2000Jim SwirczynskiWillamette Backcountry
1999Mare SheyMt. Bachelor
1998Steve AuferothWillamette Pass
1995Patrick McDonaldMt. Bachelor
1994Jim SwirczynskiWillamette Backcountry
1993Michael WilliamsMt. Bachelor
1992Dan SullivanCrater Lake
1991Sheila MahanWillamette Backcountry
1990Sheila MahanWillamette Backcountry

Outstanding OEC Instructor


yearNameSki Patrol
2010John BeeryMt. Bachelor
1998Laurie MonicoWillamette Pass
1997Laurie MonicoWillamette Pass

Outstanding Paid Patroller


yearNameSki Patrol
2014Melinda Ingebretson-WolowiczWillamette Pass
2013Hensel MaddockWillamette Pass
2012Don KeenanMt. Ashland
2011Rob OwensMt. Ashland
2007Steve WaltersMt. Ashland
1999Andreas RossbergWillamette Pass
1998Andreas RossbergWillamette Pass
1997Bill JonesMt. Bachelor
1995Kathleen AlexanderMt. Bachelor
1994Karl DingerMt. Bachelor

Outstanding Patrol Representative


yearNameSki Patrol
2014Shelley UrbenSantiam Pass
2009Craig ThornleyWillamette Pass
2006Janie SanRomaniSantiam Pass
1997Dave BrownWillamette Pass

Patroller Cross


yearNameSki Patrol
2010Ken WilsonWillamette Pass
2008Jody TuttleMt. Bachelor
2008Greg WileyWillamette Pass
2003John BeeryMt. Bachelor
2001Bill AlltopSantiam Pass
2001Chris JochamMt. Ashland
2001Chip MillerMt. Ashland
1999James AndingWillamette Pass

Purple Merit Star


yearNameSki Patrol
2014John BowlingMt. Ashland
2013Greg AitkenWillamette Pass
2011Todd LushinMt. Bachelor
2007Robert WaltersMt. Ashland
2006Steve CromerSantiam Pass
2006Mark PrescottSantiam Pass
2006Jean MouleSantiam Pass
2004Ray GardnerWillamette Pass
2003Bruce MeekMt. Ashland
2003Leslie BlankenshipMt. Ashland
2002Joe RaadeWillamette Pass
1999Laura MetcalfeWillamette Pass
1994Rich MarisWillamette Pass
1990Doug VolkMt. Ashland
1989Rich MarisWillamette Pass

Green Merit Star


yearNameSki Patrol
2008Ames HendricksonMt. Bachelor
2008Terry KneenWillamette Backcountry
2008Dave StrutinWillamette Backcountry
2008Dan HowellsWillamette Backcountry
2008Dave BeedeWillamette Backcountry
2003John BeeryMt. Bachelor

Distinguished Service


yearNameSki Patrol
2014John BeeryMt. Bachelor
2013Laurie MonicoWillamette Pass
2011Drannan HambyMt. Bachelor
2009Dave BrownWillamette Pass
2008Berg’s Ski and Snowboard ShopWillamette Backcountry
2004Bill FreundSantiam Pass
2000Thomas CarlsonMt. Bachelor
1999Jack WalkerSantiam Pass
1999Tim WiperWillamette Pass
1989Linda WalkerSantiam Pass

National Silver Merit Star


yearName/DisciplineSki Patrol
2015Shelley Urben, Patrol RepresentativeSantiam Pass
2014Joe Harwood, InstructorWillamette Pass
2006Anne Greenwood, Alpine PatrollerSantiam Pass

National Gold Merit Star


yearName/DisciplineSki Patrol
2012Jim Hutchison, Alpine PatrollerWillamette Pass
2012Sarah Aitken, Auxiliary PatrollerWillamette Pass
2010Steve Cromer, Auxiliary PatrollerSantiam Pass
2009Josie Elting, Nordic PatrollerWillamette Backcountry
2007Jody Tuttle, Auxiliary PatrollerMt. Bachelor
2006Steve Oder, Nordic PatrollerSantiam Pass
2004Bob Freund, Alpine PatrollerSantiam Pass
2003Joseph Calbreath, Nordic PatrollerWillamette Backcountry
2000Rich Maris, Alpine PatrollerWillamette Pass
1998Bob Freund, Alpine PatrollerSantiam Pass
1996Kathy Alexander, Paid PatrollerMt. Bachelor
1995Kathy Alexander, InstructorMt. Bachelor
1993Sandy Blood, Auxiliary PatrollerSantiam Pass
1991Linda Walker, Auxiliary PatrollerSantiam Pass
1981Bob Freund, Alpine PatrollerSantiam Pass
1966Bob Freund, Junior PatrollerSantiam Pass

Leadership Commendation


yearNameSki Patrol
2015Laurie CoventrySantiam Pass
2004Dixy CampbellMt. Bachelor
2003Laura SchmidtMt. Bachelor

Outstanding Patroller


YearNameSki Patrol
2013Randy WoodWillamette Pass
2010Sarah AitkenWillamette Pass
2009Steve CromerSantiam Pass
2008Frank RattiWillamette Pass
2007Monica HullWillamette Pass
2006Jody TuttleMt. Bachelor
2003Laura SchmidtMt. Bachelor
2000Dixy CampbellMt. Bachelor
1997Medhi SalariMt. Bachelor
1994Julie SaylorMt. Bachelor
1990Deanna LashwayWillamette Pass

Outstanding Young Adult


yearNameSki Patrol
2013Jack LafemanWillamette Pass

Outstanding Student Patroller


yearNameSki Patrol
1997Josh HarveyMt. Bachelor
1995Josh HarveyMt. Bachelor

Outstanding Junior Patroller


yearNameSki Patrol
1990Caleb CordellMt. Bachelor

Outstanding Instructor


yearNameSki Patrol
2013Joe HarwoodWillamette Pass
2011Drannan HambyMt. Bachelor
2008Mark TuttleMt. Bachelor
2007Joseph CalbreathWillamette Backcountry
2000Mare SheyMt. Bachelor
1999Scott RobbinsWillamette Pass
1998Scott RobbinsWillamette Pass
1994Kathy AlexanderMt. Bachelor

Outstanding Ski and Toboggan Instructor


yearNameSki Patrol
1999Rich MarisWillamette Pass

Outstanding Mountaineering Instructor


yearNameSki Patrol
1999Scott RobbinsWillamette Pass
1998Scott RobbinsWillamette Pass

Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol


yearSki Patrol
2018Santiam Pass Ski Patrol
2012Willamette Pass Ski Patrol
2007Santiam Pass Ski Patrol
1998Willamette Pass Ski Patrol
1996Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol
1994Willamette Pass Ski Patrol
1990Willamette Pass Ski Patrol
1989Willamette Pass Ski Patrol

Outstanding Nordic Patrol


yearSki Patrol
2015Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol
2014Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol
2004Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol
2001Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol
1999Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol
1994Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol
1990Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol

Blue Merit Star


yearNameSki Patrol
2009Brad CascagnetteWillamette Pass
2007Rich AufortWillamette Pass
2007Joe RaadeWillamette Pass
2007Peter LungerWillamette Pass
2007Ken WilsonWillamette Pass
2007Dewey BodtkerWillamette Pass
2004Joe UffelmanSantiam Pass
2003Mardy MadisonMt. Bachelor
2003Richard PanksMt. Ashland
2000Dale LedyardSantiam Pass
1999Andreas RossbergWillamette Pass
1999Jake KimbroWillamette Pass
1999Jesse JonesWillamette Pass
1999Jody TuttleMt. Bachelor

Yellow Merit Star


yearNameSki Patrol
2015Dan BolducSantiam Pass
2015Melinda Ingebretson-WolowiczWillamette Pass
2014Greg AitkenWillamette Pass
2014Doug EbelingSantiam Pass
2013Steve NorthrupWillamette Pass
2013Cyndy MenoWillamette Pass
2013Bob FreundSantiam Pass
2012Rob OwensMt. Ashland
2012Bob FreundSantiam Pass
2012Drannan HambyMt. Bachelor
2011Rob OwensMt. Ashland
2011John BeeryMt. Bachelor
2010Craig ThornleyWillamette Pass
2009Joseph CalbreathWillamette Backcountry
2008Anne GreenwoodSantiam Pass
2008Janie SanRomaniSantiam Pass
2008Rick ScherWillamette Pass
2008Brett ChytrausSantiam Pass
2007Cindi BuskeyWillamette Pass
2007Sarah AitkenWillamette Pass
2007Jan LeeWillamette Pass
2007Craig TaylorWillamette Pass
2006Dan BolducSantiam Pass
2006Joseph McCormickSantiam Pass
2006David MeadosSantiam Pass
2004Brian PolstonWillamette Pass
2004Laura SchmidtMt. Bachelor
2003Dan ThorpeMt. Ashland
2003Taylor SiegelMt. Ashland
2003Cindy WeaverMt. Ashland
2001Steve CromerSantiam Pass
2001Anne GreenwoodSantiam Pass
2001Jim TurnerMt. Ashland
2001Doug VolkMt. Ashland
2001Bruce MeekMt. Ashland
2001Greg ChandlerMt. Ashland
2001Taylor SiegelMt. Ashland
2001Asa WinantMt. Ashland
2001Randy WilliamsMt. Ashland
2000Denise KeennMt. Ashland
2000Ron BarrySantiam Pass
2000Brian BubakSantiam Pass
2000Jody TuttleMt. Bachelor
1999Laurie MonicoWillamette Pass
1998Rich MarisWillamette Pass
1998Josie EltingWillamette Backcountry
1998Kathy AlexanderMt. Bachelor
1997Laurie MonicoWillamette Pass
1990Daniel BulkleyMt. Ashland
1989Jim O’ConnorMt. Hood Nordic

Meritorious Service


yearNameSki Patrol
2013Josie EltingWillamette Backcountry
2013Joseph CalbreathWillamette Backcountry
2013Janie San RomaniSantiam Pass
2013Shelley UrbenSantiam Pass
2013Dave BrownWillamette Pass
2013Drannan HambyMt. Bachelor
2013Rich MarisWillamette Pass
2010Anne GreenwoodSantiam Pass

Unit Citation


2015Gold - Willamette Backcountry
2013Silver - Willamette Pass
2008Gold - Santiam Pass
1999Gold - Willamette Backcountry